Friday, 17 May 2013

UINVEST Rahasia sukses

Rahasia Sukses Salah Satu Agen Uinvest!

Jika Anda mengetahui perkembangan Uinvest, maka tidak ada yang tidak mengenal GUN Hunter.
Dia adalah salah satu Agen GUN yang berlokasi di Malaysia.
Kinerja dia sebagai agen sungguh luar biasa.
Dia berada di posisi paling TOP dalam jajaran agen yang berhasil menghasilkan uang di program GlobalUinvest Network.
Dia telah berhasil mengumpulkan dividen sebesar 5.000 dolar.
Capaian yang sungguh bombastis.

Berikut ini petikan wawancara Lucy bersama agen GUN Hunter untuk mengungkapkan rahasia kesuksesan dia.

We’ve met Mr. G.U.N Hunter last evening in Chat Interview, first he was shocked… after – decide to take the interview…starting with phrase ‘I cannot more hide from you, yes?’ Right, there’s no reason to hide such interesting person, interesting in communications, silent at our Webinars and profitable month by month – our TOP of the TOP Agent.Thus, we’ve finally have few words from our guru and have to told you – it’s interesting person and you definitely should read this interview.

Lucy: Hello

G.U.N Hunter: Hello, I’m here now
Lucy: What would you like to tell about you in general? Who’re you, mystery Mr. G.U.N Hunter?

G.U.N Hunter: Well, I’m 24 years old, single. and this account belong to my brother.

Lucy: hmm, and who’s working as GUN agent?

G.U.N Hunter: me

Lucy: good, why account is not yours?

G.U.N Hunter: it is because all the money here is belong to him [brother]. I just take the commission only thats why im very hardworking to approach client

Lucy: Yes, I see your motivation now. It’s good position.

G.U.N Hunter: my first client is my brother. I told him, – I found UInvest is REAL!!! I convinced him how uinvest works

Lucy: Do you like work this way – on-line?

G.U.N Hunter: Yeah, i like this way in addition, before I joined UInvest, I earned some money from eBay, selling some items, dropshipping

Lucy: good, so you’re experiences on-line businessmen?

G.U.N Hunter: My experience… maybe…as financial specialist because i have Accounting degree. Clients cames to me to ask ‘How can i earn these money per month’ Thus, I developed Excel document to show them how i made such analysis

Lucy: Do you have off-line job?

G.U.N Hunter: Yes, currently, helping my brother with business services in electrical field

Lucy: hmm, so you’re working for your brother now?
G.U.N Hunter: am funding him ) with money from UInvest

G.U.N Hunter: I have two brothers, the one, who own this account is teacher, and the another one who own electrical business. he is 30 years oldLucy: nice family colaaboration ))

Lucy: Which job you like more – your off-line or online in Uinvest?

G.U.N Hunter: currently, I’m full time with UInvest. Soon, i will open an offline with another UInvestor from Vietnam ) We are PARTNERS!

Lucy: Perfect

G.U.N Hunter: I like to open homestay business

Lucy: someone on GUN webinar suggest that you’re using some magic?)) is it true?

G.U.N Hunter: Magic? Lol…This is about how to convince client

Lucy: and how ? What is your secret? Maybe especial smile?

G.U.N Hunter: Yeah, absolutely, I like smile with client…hehe…Secret? Hurmm…

Lucy: Yes..what is it?

G.U.N Hunter: The thing is, how you give service to your client and the most important, service after sales, means, i try to make relationship and close to him/her, what is the share in UInvest, – we share an idea. Dont leave ur client like that meaning, dont just look at a commission.

Lucy: Perfect solution and good words. What is more difficult in GUN Agents’ job?

G.U.N Hunter: Difficult thing, people who especially from hyip will ask me, is UInvest HYIP? This is bad for me then, when UInvest send to me marketing file, I’ll sent them

Lucy: Is it thing, which make you feel nervous in negotiations?

G.U.N Hunter: Yeah. That make me nervous, but, when i told to them, UInvest is REAL, they want some prove, i gave to them, what UInvest offer at website, that’s why am waiting for my Agent agreement to show them that I’m UInvest Agent

Lucy: Yes, I know, we will send it soon. Is it main trouble in negotiations?
G.U.N Hunter: Not trouble, but it is like make me shock and nervous for a while  But smile always  Dont harm your client J

Lucy: Good What is more excited in GUN Agents’ job?

G.U.N Hunter: The most excited is when my client excited buying share like me!!

Lucy: I thought..earnings..hmmm…Thats why you’re on TOP all the time – process – concetrated)

G.U.N Hunter: Lucy, i won three times for monthly!

Lucy: I know)

G.U.N Hunter: Honestly, if you said about earnings, my recent dividends are about 5,000…This is huge, right?

Lucy: Yea…

G.U.N Hunter: So, for me, I like when my client happy as I am, happy with UInvest especially !

Lucy: Thank you for your time, G.U.N. HunterJ Would you like to add something?

G.U.N Hunter: Yeah, I take this word from my TOP INSURANCE Agent which currently im handling his account… he said: ‘to be a successful agent, it’s not easy to get client, you must work hard more and more until you reach the GOAL’


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